Time for Change

Our ability to influence our thoughts and feelings and impact on our wellbeing is far simpler and more powerful than we often believe. Change can happen faster than we imagine.

Time for You

Gentle techniques during a minimal number of sessions to help you get on track with how you would love to feel.

Time for solutions

Transformative sessions to get in touch with your natural resources to manage many ongoing issues including stress and anxiety or resolving trauma from the past, helping you to move forward with your life.

As an Advanced NLP Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Lightning Process® Practitioner I am passionate about supporting clients in making positive change for health, happiness and wellbeing.

The Phil Parker Lightning Process®

If you know how it feels to…

  • be indescribably exhausted no matter how much rest you get
  • be stuck with re-occurring pain, health symptoms and issues?
  • get so stressed by almost everything and feel low much of the time?
  • want a better life and health but just can’t find anything that works?

If that’s you, then The Lightning Process® could just be the answer you’re looking for.

One to One NLP, Hypnotherapy and Coaching Sessions

Feeling overwhelmed and stuck with anxiety, stress, lack of sleep and compulsive disorders is common in a fast paced world. One to one sessions are individually tailored to establish what would love to change, assist you in influencing your life, allowing you to move forward.

I also work with clients who want to leave fears, phobias, the effects of trauma and unwanted habits in the past.


Hypnotherapy involves getting into a relaxed state enabling you to access your unconscious mind. The effect is similar to daydreaming and you are always in control throughout the session.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP teaches you a new way of using your brain to take charge of your thoughts and feelings instead of operating automatically and unconsciously. This can have a profound effect on your happiness and wellbeing by allowing you to feel empowered.


Coaching is a supportive way of making lasting change in your life, providing techniques to help you remain on track and have confidence in the developments you have made.

Please call or email to discuss your requirements and arrange a free initial consultation with no obligation. This is a chance to chat through the various approaches, ask any questions and decide whether you would like to work with me in future.